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THUMS Version 5 is the latest version of the THUMS model. With the added ability to model the action of a human body going from a relaxed posture to a braced posture, the effectiveness of safety equipment, including PCS, can be more accurately predicted. Find out more from the press release for THUMS Version 5 available on the Toyota Motor Corporation website.

- Announcement from Toyota Motor Corporation

Comparison of occupant posture in the crash-imminent situation, before and after AEB (Automatic Emergency Brake) activation (0.8 G)

Predictable area for THUMS Ver.4 and Ver.5

The range of possible simulations differs by version.
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Injury Mode Version 4
Version 5
Fracture and Tendon rupture Yes Yes
Brain damage Yes Yes
Organ damage Yes No
Muscle model No Yes
Functional comparison between versions

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