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What is THUMS?

Total Human Model for Safety ("THUMS") is a human body model for injury analysis. It is a Finite Element (FE) model jointly developed by Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.The model aims to simulate "human body kinematics" and "injury on human body" in response to a large impact in a car crash and so on. The geometries of the structurally complex human body parts including the head, torso, joints and organs are represented by FE meshes.
Their material properties refer the list in papers or documents and are compared with component tests listed in papers or documents for validation.THUMS is used by engineers the world over and contribute to the safety improvement of human body.

There are versions and variations in THUMS

THUMS has had four major updates since the start of its development in 1997. In Version 4, it possible to consider bone fractures and internal organ damage along with the head and brain injury. The human body geometry and internal organ meshes, based on detailed CT scans, allow for simulating injury and predicting the level of damage to the human body.

In Version 4.01, THUMS AM50 is enhanced with the addition of the brain model and the inclusion of the gravitational effects. In 4.02, the number of head elements was increased fourfold and the robustness was improved.

In June 2015, THUMS Version 5 was released with the addition of a muscle model. Version 5 allows for simulating the braced posture of a passenger in the vehicle to achieve more realistic crash conditions when validating the advantages of safety equipment including PCS (Pre-Collision System).

There are versions and variations in THUMS

Two postures are considered in modelling

"Pedestrian" and "Occupant" are the main types of model, with it being possible to specify sex, age and body type.

Major updates

Since 1997, THUMS has had four major updates.

Major updates

THUMS Academic license

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