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JAPAN LS-DYNA Users Week 2007

Outline of LS-DYNA Users Conference

Organizer: JRI Solutions, Ltd.
Dates: Tuesday, October 30 - Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Venue: Nagoya Congress Center
1-1 Atsuta-Nishimachi, Atsuta-Ku, Nagoya, Aichi 456-0036, Japan
Phone: +81-(52)-683-7711
URL( http://www.ncvb.or.jp/ncc_e/index.html )
Expected number of
Approximately 300

Users Conference Program

Tuesday, October 30 / Wednesday, October 31

*The contents of the program may be subject to change without notice.

Tuesday, October 30
9:30- Registration
10:15- Opening Remarks
Mr.Toshihiro Hayashi, JRI Solutions, Ltd.
  General Session(1)
10:30- [Keynote Speech]
Computational Engineering with Numerical Simulations - What have we learned from 30 years' CFD Research ?
Prof.Kozo Fujii, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
11:30- Rupture modeling of Spot Weld Suitable for Vehicle Development Process
Mr.Koshi Kumagai, Toyota Motor Corporation
12:00- Lunch    *PR Seminars at the Exhibition Hall
14:00-15:40 Plastic CAE Session (1) Production Engineering Session (1) Automotive Engineering Session (1) Software and Programing (1)
Design of toughness by nonlinear CAE for the molding of plastic
Prof.Masaru Ishikawa, Yamagata University
Mr.Naoki Yanagi, AISIN SEIKI Co.,Ltd.
15 Years of Finite Element Dummy Model Development within the German Association for Research on Automobile Technology (FAT)
Mr.Ulrich Franz, DYNAmore GmbH
An overview of New Features in LS-OPT
Dr.Nielen Stander, Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC)
Deformation in Spinning Forming of Welded Steel Pipe
iFEM Simulation of Spinning Formingj

Mr.Akihiro Ando, Nisshin Steel Co.,Ltd.
Advanced Methods for the Characterization on highly non-linear Materials for Crash Applications
Dr.Stefan Hiermaier, Fraunhofer, Ernst-Mach-Institute
Square cup forming of partially softened aluminum alloy sheets.
Mr.Takeshi Nishiwaki, Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute
- Developments in occupant and seat modeling with Primer 9.3
Mr.Richard Sturt, ARUP
Effects of Forming Conditions to Distortion of Curved Hat-Channel Panel (Investigation of Distortion Mechanism using Forming Simulation)
Mr.Toshiya Suzuki, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
15:40-16:05 Coffee Break
16:05-17:30 Introduction of advanced technology with the large scale computer Automotive Engineering Session (2) TBA Software and Programing (2)
Utility business model GridASP - Case studies in manufacturing industry -
Dr.Satoshi Itoh, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
The Application of LS-DYNA for Roof Buckling Analisys Under Snow Load
Mr.Noriyo Ichinose, JRI Solutions, Ltd.
- New function of JSTAMP/NV V2.0 and the functions that will be equipped in the near future
Mr.Nobuhiko Sugitomo, JRI Solutions, Ltd.
Micro-Macro Interlocked Simulation of Friction Dynamics
Dr.Shigenobu Hirose, JAMSTEC
Current and Relevant Knowledge for Automotive Safety Engineers: Highlights from the 2007 German SafetyUpdate
Mr.Rainer Hoffmann, carhs.training GmbH
The next version of JVISION
Mr.Toshiki Moritoh, JRI Solutions, Ltd.
Large-scale Parallel Simulation of 3-D FEM Model of With Rein-forced Concrete buildings
Mr.Yasunori Mizushima, Osaka University
Computer simulation for motorcycle rider-motion and injury evaluation in collision
Mr.Hideo Namiki, Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.
TEC| Bench- Virtual Benchmarking; comparing products with CAE methods
Mr.Jurgen Veith, TECOSIM GmbH
18:00- Banquet

Wednesday, October 31
9:00- Registration
9:30-10:45 Plastic CAE Session (2) Production Engineering Session (2) New Technologies Session(1) Software and Programing (3)
Plastic Material Model in LS-DYNA
Mr.Paul Du Bois, Hermes Engineering NV
Forming Limit Prediction of Sheet Metals by Combination of Ductile Fracture Criterion and Finite Element Simulation
Prof.Hirohiko Takuda, Kyoto University
Development of the Fracture Prediction Model of Spot Weld, and Application of the Model to Crash Simulation of Real Full Vehicle
Dr.Hiroshi Yoshida, Nippon steel corporation
A Study of Failure in RC Panels to Underwater Explosion Loadings by Numerical Simulation
Mr.Hirofumi Hoshina, TERRABYTE Co., Ltd.
Estimation of Residual Stress and Shrinkage of a Molded Product using the 3-D Flow-Structural Coupling Analysis Method for Thermosets
Dr.Junichi Saeki, Hitachi, Ltd.,
Basic research for impact characteristic about new core structure
Prof.Ichirou Hagiwara,
Mr.Kouta Takeda,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Stress analysis of artificial joints under dynamic motions using LS-DYNA
Dr.Mitsugu Todo, Kyushu University
Application of non-linear analysis by explicit and implicit method
Mr.Satoshi Ishikawa, Mechanical Design & Analysis Corporation
Challenging of our Plastic Modeling in JRI Solutions, Ltd. - Report of Our Plastic Seminar -
Mr.Kimihiro Hayashi, JRI Solutions, Ltd.
Shock protection damper designning by using CAE
Mr.Eiichi Hattori, Yamauchi Corp
Development of child FE model and its application to CRS impacts
Dr.Koji Mizuno, Nagoya University
Considerations on Detailing Dummy Models Adequately.
Mr.Ulrich Franz, DYNAmore GmbH
10:45-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-12:00 Plastic CAE Session (3) Automotive Engineering Session (3) New Technologies Session(2) Software and Programing (4)
The potential of coordination of LS-DYNA and J-OCTA
Dr.Taku Ozawa, JRI Solutions, Ltd.
Dynamic FSI Analysis of shock absorber valves
Mr.Shozo Tokumitsu, KYB Corporation
Current State of High-Velocity Tensile Testing Method
Dr.Masaaki Itabashi, Tokyo University of Science, Suwa
Data Compression for LS-DYNA and its impact on Robust Design
Mr.Clemens-August Thole, Fraunhofer Institute for algorithms and scientific computing (SCAI)
Computer Simulation for Polymer Material Design
Dr.Takeshi Aoyagi, Asahi Kasei Corporation
An Approach Of Robust Design Optimization On Side Impact Simulation
Mr.Masahiro Awano, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Surging Analysis of a Hydraulic Engine Mount
Mr.Mitsuhiro Takayanagi, Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.
Evaluation of New Finite Element Model for IIHS Side Impact Barrier-1st Format
Mr.Mehrdad Asadi, Cellbond Composites Ltd.
12:00-14:00 Lunch    *PR Seminars at the Exhibition Hall
General Session(2)
14:00- [Keynote Speech]
Will the Bottle Leak? The Modeling & Simulation of Everyday Products
Mr.Thomas Lange, The Procter & Gamble Company
14:45- JRI-Solutions' Products Development Plan and Services
Mr.Kimihiro Hayashi, JRI Solutions, Ltd.
15:30- [Invited Lecture]
New Developments in LS-DYNA
Dr.John O. Hallquist
Livermore Software Technology Corporation(LSTC)
16:45- Closing Remarks
Mr.Yasuyoshi Umezu, JRI Solutions, Ltd.

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Outline of LS-DYNA Special Seminar

Organizer: JRI Solutions, Ltd.
Venue: Venue A:
JRI Solutions, Ltd.
Engineering Technology Division Tokyo office
Harumi center Bldg. 7F, 2-5-24, Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0053, Japan

Venue B:
JRI Solutions, Ltd.
Engineering Technology Division Nagoya office
Marunouchi KS Bldg. 17F, 2-18-25 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0002, Japan

Special Seminar Program

Course Name Lecturer Dates Seating Capacity Venue
LS-DYNA Composite Materials Dr. Al Tabiei Nov. 1 - Nov. 2, 2007 6 A
Optimization and Robust Design
Using LS-OPT and LS-DYNA
Dr. Nielen Stander Nov. 1 - Nov. 2, 2007 6 B
Crash Simulation Mr. Paul Du Bois Nov. 5 - Nov. 6, 2007 10 A