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Outline of LS-DYNA&JSTAMP Forum 2012

Organizer: JSOL Corporation
Dates: Wednesday, July 18 - Thursday, July 19, 2012
Venue: Hotel Castle Plaza (Nagoya, Japan)
URL: http://www.castle.co.jp/plaza/access/ (Japanese Only)
Expected number of participants: Approximately 350

Wednesday, July 18: Program
Thursday, July 19 : Technical Session


Wednesday, July 18

  Venue A Venue B
9:30- Registration
10:00- Opening Remarks
JSOL Corporation
10:10- Keynote Speech
Development of Ccrack Propagation Simulation Method by LS-DYNA
Mr.Tsuyoshi Yasuki, Toyota Motor Corporation
11:00- Keynote Speech
Methodology to Enhance the Quality of CAE - V&V -
Prof.Seiichi Koshizuka, The University of Tokyo
11:50- JSOL product announcement
12:00- Lunch
New technologies(1) Manufacturing technologies
13:30- The study of modeling for thick plate parts on crash analyses
Mr.Nobuyoshi Ishibai, Hino Motors Ltd.
Development of prediction technology of surface deflection based on sheet metal forming simulation
13:55- Unsteady aerodynamic analysis around oscillating Ahmed body by LS-DYNA ver.980.
Techniques of prediction about ultra high strength steel in cold forming
Mr.Toru Tetaka, Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.
14:20- Advanced Technologies Related to Crash Simulation for Optimum Combination of Structure and Materials -Fracture Prediction in Ultra High Strength Steel-
Dr.Akihiro Uenishi, Nippon Steel Corporation
An overview of recent developments of JSTAMP
JSOL Corporation
14:45- Coffee Break
Crashworthiness New technologies(2)
14:55- Prediction of Ductile Fracture of High Strength Steels with Cockcroft-Latham Fracture Criterion
Mr.Kenji Takada, Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. Automobile R&D Center
Prior design of COR performance and the durability strength of the golf club by LS-Dyna
Mr.Yukihiro Teranishi, Mizuno Corporation
15:20- High Strain Rate Tensile Test for Automotive Steel Materials
Mr.kentaro Sato, JFE Steel Corporation
Application of Simulation using Simpleware and DYNA for the Practice of Plastic Surgery
Dr.Tomohisa Nagasao, The medical faculty of Keio University
15:45- Development of Spot Weld Rupture Evaluation Model for Crash Simulation
Mr.Motoki Higashiyama, Mazda Motor Corporation
On two-dimensional Slamming Impact Analysis of Wedge Shaped Obstacles considering Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
Dr.Yasuhira Yamada, National Maritime Research Institute
16:10- Coffee Break
16:25- JSOL Solution Introduction
Mr.Takahiko Miyachi, JSOL Corporation
17:10- Keynote Speech
Recent developments in LS-DYNA
Dr.John Hallquist, Livermore Software Technology Corporation
18:00- Closing Remarks
JSOL Corporation
18:25- Banquet

Technical Session

Technical Session is tecnical lecture from JSOL to get advanced knowledge of LS-DYNA, JSTAMP.
This is only for JSOL's product customers.
There are no operation work shop of software, just technical lecture is provided.

  Technical session A Technical session B
10:00- New technologies <A-1>
LS-DYNA980 introduction to multi-physics solvers for CFD and electromagnetism
Mr.Kimihiro Hayashi, JSOL Corporation
Plastics and composites <B-1>
LS-DYNA Simulation of Plastics
Mr.Shinya Hayashi, JSOL Corporation
10:45- Coffee Break
11:00- New technologies <A-2>
Development and Applications of JWELD for Welding Deformation and Thermal Stress
Dr.Ninshu Ma, JSOL Corporation
Plastics and composites <B-2>
CAE simulation for resin composites
Mr.Tei Hirashima, JSOL Corporation
11:45- Lunch
13:00- New technologies <A-3>
Recent Advances in LS-OPT:Curve Mapping, Pareto Domain Reduction and Process Optimization
Mr.Nielen Stander, Livermore Software Technology Corporation
New technologies <B-3>
Introduction of Simpleware software.
"The fast, easy and robust way to convert 3D images into models."

Ms.Miki Miyazaki, JSOL Corporation
Productivity enhancement <B-3>
More efficient way of FE modeling with JVISION
Mr.Shinya Hiroi, JSOL Corporation
13:45- Coffee Break
14:00- New technologies <A-4>
Introduction of Thermal Coupling Analyses in LS-DYNA
Mr.Atsushi Kunugi. JSOL Corporation
Productivity enhancement <B-4>
validation of analysis
Dr.Hodaka Oda, JSOL Corporation
14:45- Coffee Break
15:00- New technologies <A-5>
The new field of the analysis technique in LS-DYNA
Mr.Tetsuji Ida, JSOL Corporation
Productivity enhancement <B-5>
Effective usage of Implicit analysis
Mr.Masakazu Yanagisawa, JSOL Corporation
15:45- Coffee Break
16:00- Productivity enhancement <A-6>
Material Models in LS-DYNA
Mr.Masato Nishi, JSOL Corporation
Productivity enhancement <B-6>
LS-DYNA calculation error workaround
Mr.Chouichi Yamaguchi, JSOL Corporation


Harumi Center Bldg.,2-5-24, Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0053, Japan
JSOL Corporation, Engineering Technology Division
E-mail : event@sci.jsol.co.jp