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Outline of LS-DYNA&JSTAMP Forum 2010

Organizer: JSOL Corporation
Dates: Wednesday, December 1 -Thursday, December 2, 2010
Venue: Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa (Tokyo, Japan)
URL: http://www.tokyo-cc.co.jp/eng/access.html
Expected number of
Approximately 300

Wednesday, December 1 : Program
Thursday, December 2 : Technical Session

*The contents of the program may be subject to change without notice.


Wednesday, December 1     LS-DYNA LS-DYNA Session       JSTAMP JSTAMP Session

Venue A Venue B
9:30- Registration
10:00- Opening Remarks
JSOL Corporation
10:10- Axial Crushing Analysis considering Bauschinger effect
Mr.Kenji Takada, Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. Automobile R&D Center

[Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available]

11:10- Coffee Break
New Technology
Energy Facility
11:20- LS-DYNA in the prior design of the flying distance performance of the golf club
Mr.Yukihiro Teranishi, MIZUNO CORPORATION

[Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available]

A Study of Vibration induced by the Air Plane Impact Load on the Large-scale Structure
Mr.Yoshio Manabe, Terrabyte Co., Ltd.
11:45- Performance Benefits of NVIDIA GPUs for LS-DYNA
Mr.Stan Posey, NVIDIA

[English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation available]

Confinement Analysis of Dual Purpose Metal Cask Subjected to Impulsive Loads due to Aircraft Engine Crash
Dr.Koji Shirai, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
12:10- Lunch
Analysis Technology
Press forming 1
13:30- Drop Impact Analysis of Air Conditioning Outdoor Unit

[Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available]

Introduction of simulation activity in Kikuchi Co. Ltd.
Mr.Sou Suzuki, KIKUCHI Co.,Ltd.
13:55- Analysis of Deformation and Pressure of Contact Surface of Rubber Block Joints for the XLPE Cables
Dr.Tomohiro Keishi, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

[Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available]

Robust Design of Stamping Die for High-Tensile Steel
Dr.Tomoharu Shimizu, Iwate University
14:20- Paper Helicopter fall FSI Simulation Using LS-DYNA -Fluid Structure Interaction of Air and Paper -
Mr.Shozo Tokumitsu, KYB Corporation

[Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available]

JSTAMP Technical Session
Mr.Nobuhiko Sugitomo, JSOL Corporation
14:45- Coffee Break
Press forming 2
14:55- Development of WorldSID Dummy Model - A Joint Project of German Car Manufacturers
Dr.Uli Franz, DYNAmore

[English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation available]

Practical use development of Truss-core panel.
Mr.You Gotou, Shiroyama Industry
15:20- Advanced Technologies Related to Crash Simulation for Optimum Combination of Structure and Material

[Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available]

Multiscale Approach for CFRP Composite Simulation by JSTAMP/NV & DIGIMAT
Mr.Noriyo Ichinose, JSOL Corporation
15:45- Construction of SAFE: Crash Analysis Model Construction System

[Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available]

Recent developments of JSTAMP
Mr.Tomoki Hamada, JSOL Corporation
16:10- Coffee Break
16:25- Development of Next Generation Human FE Model Capable of Organ Injury Prediction
Mr.Tsuyoshi Yasuki, Toyota Motor Corporation

[Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available]

17:10- Recent developments in LS-DYNA
Dr.John Hallquist, Livermore Software Technology Corporation

[English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation available]

18:00- Closing Remarks
JSOL Corporation
18:30- Banquet

Technical Session

Thursday, December 2

Technical Session is tecnical lecture from JSOL to get advanced knowledge of LS-DYNA, JSTAMP.
This is only for JSOL's product customers.
There are no operation work shop of software, just technical lecture is provided.

Technical session A Technical session B
10:00- <A-1>
Introduction of robust analysis with LS-DYNA
Dr.Hodaka Oda, JSOL Corporation
The recent technology of plastics injection molding analysis
Core Tech System, JSOL Corporation
10:45- Coffee Break
11:00- <A-2>
Proposal for application of optimal design
Dr.Sunao Tokura, JSOL Corporation
An approach for accurate structural analysis for plastic material with multi scale theory
Mr.Noriyo Ichinose, JSOL Corporation
11:45- Lunch
13:00- <A-3>
Introduction of LS-PREPOST V3.0
Mr.Kan Hasegawa, JSOL Corporation
Oscillation in LS-DYNA
Mr.Kimihiro Hayashi, JSOL Corporation
13:45- Coffee Break
14:00- <A-4>
Effective analysis using JVISON ver3.1
Mr.Toshiki Moritoh, JSOL Corporation
Coupling techonology of injection modling and structural analysis
Mr.Taku Ozawa, JSOL Corporation
14:45- Coffee Break
15:00- <A-5>
LS-OPT for optimal analysis
Mr.Kazuya Satoh, JSOL Corporation
LS-DYNA material models
Mr.Takahiko Miyachi, JSOL Corporation
15:45- Coffee Break
16:00- <A-6>
How to work with LS-DYNA Error
Mr.Masakazu Yanagisawa, JSOL Corporation
LS-DYNA airbag particle analysis
Mr.Shuichi Ishida, JSOL Corporation, Mr.Shinya Hayashi, JSOL Corporation

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