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Outline of LS-DYNA&JSTAMP Forum 2009

Organizer: JSOL Corporation
Dates: October 27(tue) - 28(wed), 2009
Venue: October 27(tue) : Program
ANA HOTELS Hotel Grand Court NAGOYA (Japan)
URL( http://www.grandcourt.co.jp/E/index.html )

October 28(wed) : Technical session
The Nagoya Urban Institute (Japan)
URL( http://www.nui.or.jp/ENGLISH/index.htm )
Expected number of
Approximately 200

Tuesday, October 27 : Program
Wednesday, October 28 : Technical Session

*The contents of the program may be subject to change without notice.


Tuesday, October 27 : ANA HOTELS Hotel Grand Court NAGOYA
9:30- Registration
10:00- Opening Remarks
JSOL Corporation
General Session(1)
10:10- SUBARU's Approach in Crashworthiness CAE
Mr.Seiji Matsumoto, Fuji Heavy Industries LTD.
[Japanese-English simultaneous simulation available]
11:10- Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Fracture in Aluminum
Mr.Paul Du Bois, Hermes Engineering NV,
[English-Japanese simultaneous simulation available]
12:10- Lunch *PR Seminars at the Exhibition Hall
Proposal Session Analysis Environment Session
13:30- A study of simulation taking thermoplastic properties into consideration with MAT_SAMP-1.
Mr.Kunio Takekoshi, Terrabyte co., Ltd.
[Japanese-English simultaneous simulation available]
Novel HPC Technologies for Scalable CAE: The Case for Parallel I/O and File Systems
Mr.Takahiko Tomuro, Scalable Systems Co.,Ltd.
13:55- Highlights of Primer 9.4
Mr.Richard Taylor, Arup
[English-Japanese simultaneous simulation available]
"Manufacturing" From customers' point of view utilizing CAE
Mr.Nobuhito Nakagawa, LION Corporation
14:20- Coffee Break
Parallel Program
LS-DYNA Session JSTAMP(Manufacuturing) Session
14:30- Dynamic analysis of front fork for motorcycle by LS-DYNA
Mr.Shozo Tokumitsu, KYB Corporation
[Japanese-English simultaneous simulation available]
Development of stamping technology for high tensile strength steel plates using CAE
14:55- Multi-Objective Design Exploration of Automotive Tires Using Self-Organizing Map
Dr.Masataka Koishi, The Yokoham,a Rubber Co.,Ltd.
[Japanese-English simultaneous simulation available]
15:20- Development of a Flex-PLI LS-DYNA Model
Mr.Masahiro Awano, Mr.Isamu Nishimura, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
(presenter)Mr.Shinya Hayashi, JSOL Corporation
[Japanese-English simultaneous simulation available]
Trial for predicting surface defect in outer panel forming.
15:45- A simulation for fracture prediction of polymeric product based on damage
[Japanese-English simultaneous simulation available]
Application of ductile fracture criteria to Cashime Formability
Mr.Tomohiro Kamiura, SHIROKI Corporation
16:10- Coffee Break
General Session(2)
16:25- Introduction of JSOL's CAE / Engineering Service
JSOL Corporation
[Japanese-English simultaneous simulation available]
17:10- Recent developments in LS-DYNA
Dr.John O. Hallquist, Livermore Software Technology Corporation
[English-Japanese simultaneous simulation available]
18:10- Closing Remarks
18:30- Banquet

Technical session

Wednesday, October 28 : The Nagoya Urban Institute

Technical Session is tecnical lecture from JSOL to get advanced knowledge of LS-DYNA, JSTAMP.
This is only for JSOL's product customers.
There are no operation work shop of software, just technical lecture is provided.

Technical Session(A) Technical Session(B)
10:00- Thick blank forming using JSTAMP
Mr.Nobuhiko Sugitomo, JSOL Corporation
The basic knowledge of LS-DYNA implicit
Mr.Tatsunori Nagai, JSOL Corporation
10:50- Coffee Break
11:10- The more detailed TIPS for using JSTAMP
Mr.Tomoki Hamada, Mr.Yuji Kato, JSOL Corporation
Rubber material modeling for LS-DYNA
Mr.Tetsuji Ida, JSOL Corporation
12:00- Lunch
13:10- Thermal / Structure coupling and forming simmulation
Dr.Byrom BY Ghoo ,Dr.Ninshu Ma, JSOL Corporation
The introduction of material property prediction tool "DIGIMAT"
Mr.Noriyo Ichinose, JSOL Corporation
14:00- Coffee Break
14:20- The introduction of Quality Engineering using LS-DYNA
Mr.Hodaka Oda, JSOL Corporation
Fluid Structure coupling using LS-DYNA
Mr.Takahiko Miyachi, JSOL Corporation
15:10- Coffee Break
15:30- Customizinng ARUP Software forprocess automation
Ms.Sayaka Endoh, JSOL Corporation

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